Redo Hypospadias using buccal mucosa graft

A 3 years old boy was operated for hypospadias at another hospital two months back. He was referred to us with difficulty in passing urine and failure of the repair. On checkup, the urinary opening was still on the underside of penis and the whole skin near the opening was fibrosed and unhealthy looking.


The opening had become tight and the child was applying lot of pressure to pass urine.

Considering this unhealthy and fibrosed skin to be unsuitable for redo repair, we decided to excise the skin and put fresh layer from inside of mouth.


The inner layer of mouth is called “Buccal Mucosa” and is soft and supple like urethra. It is moist, does not grow hair and has a good healing power.

A small 2cm sized strip of buccal mucosa was harvested and placed in the area of defect created due to excision of unhealthy skin.

The graft takes about a month to heal and then this was tubularised into new urethra 6 months later.

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