Hypospadias Foundation starts Clinic in Bahrain

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Dr. A K Singal

Hypospadias surgery is a very delicate, specialised and rare surgery. It requires years of training, very special interest and dedication to get good results from hypospadias surgery. Often the first surgery is the best hope for cure from hypospadias, once there is a failure at first surgery, subsequent surgeries become difficult and results poorer. Hence, it is recommended that hypospadias treatment should be conducted only by trained pediatric urologists and hypospadias surgeons. Read More

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Single stage hypospadias repair surgery video for a child with failed hypospadias: Nagpur to Vellore to Navi Mumbai, India

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Like every other surgery, hypospadias surgery has its own risks, complications and failures. Inspite of the best intentions and efforts of the parents and the treating hypospadias surgeon, still the results may be suboptimal after the first surgery. Though at the end of hypospadias surgery in OT it may seem that the surgery has gone very well, sometimes there may be minor complications which necessitate a second surgery for hypospadias in some children. The rate of second surgery for a complication or failure of first hypospadias surgery decrease with the expertise and experience of the hypospadias surgeon but it is never zero and that is an important thing for the parents and families to understand. Read More

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A little boy from Bangladesh takes a little bit of India with him: Successful Distal Penile Hypospadias Repair Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

We are privileged to care for children from across the world who come with their parents to our Hypospadias centre in Navi Mumbai, India looking for the best in Hypospadias surgery and treatment. The love and affection which we give to the kids is a mirror image of the trust and faith which family puts in us. It is the simple rule of medical care and cure. Happy kids= happy parents = good results= happy surgeon who sleeps well. Our nurses and junior doctors almost adopt the kid as one of theirs and then play with the kid during recovery time and we see that with such a personalized care the kids recover after hypospadias surgery in no time. Somebody said it aptly, “When you are happy the time flies very fast”. Hence, if everyone remains happy and in high spirits after a hypospadias surgery, time just disappears. Long journey to India and time spent here seems worthwhile. Read More

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Letter from Australia makes our day and life worthwhile: Infant with scrotal hypospadias gets operated successfully in one stage in India

Posted on June 14, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

We travelled to India for surgery and we arranged a villa near Fortis Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and went to meet Dr. Arbinder Singal for the first time in Mumbai. After our meeting the comfort level and confidence increased multi-fold, he was very nice to speak with and inculcated the same confidence in us. He checked my son and said he will try to do it in one operation itself. We had already booked a room in Fortis and admitted my son for the surgery. We met him again before the hypospadias operation, we were nervous but we were calm as we knew that our son was in safe hands. All the hospital staff was very helpful on the operation day and Dr. Arbinder Singal gave us the good news that the operation is successful and my son would not need another surgery Read More

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A child from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) gets successful result of scrotal hypospadias in a single stage urethroplasty at Hypospadias Foundation, India

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

We consulted many urologists however; when we met up with Dr. Arbinder Singal at MITR hospital all our fears were allayed. Many doctors had suggested two stage surgeries, we were assured by Dr. Singal that though our son had one of the severe kinds (scrotal hypospadias with chordee); he would be just fine after a single stage surgery. He is quite a diligent urologist as he patiently explained to us our son’s condition, the procedure that our son required and what exactly would Dr. Singal be doing in the long 4 hr procedure. For us the most comforting factor was that Dr. Singal is not only a pedatric urologist but also a meticulous surgeon who is an expert in this domain. Once completely convinced, we admitted our son in the morning of the surgery at MITR hospital. I must say that the facility is well equipped to handle such cases. The resident doctors, nursing staff, orderlies are very cordial, helpful and attentive to the needs of the patients as well as the anxious parents. The post- operative care that has been given to our son is commendable as they have patiently attended to all alarms and issues of the kid. We highly recommend Dr. Singal and MITR for urology related issues especially hypospadias surgery Read More

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Cashless or Mediclaim Coverage of Hypospadias repair surgery and treatment by Insurance Companies in India

Posted on May 10, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

If the insurance company is not covering the treatment, then the parents will have to pay the full charges themselves out of their own pocket. For new parents working in a job or middle class environment this may be financially stressful. What really helps is that Hypospadias repair surgery is a planned procedure. It can be done anytime between 6 months-15 months of age giving parents enough time to rally around and arrange everything from money to other resources. The cost of hypospadias repair surgery depends on the type of hypospadias, complexity of repair, which hospital as well as which type of room one chooses to stay in hospital. Read More

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Long journey from Patna to Navi Mumbai: Severe scrotal hypospadias managed successfully at Hypospadias Foundation

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Hypospadias is one of the most common urological anomalies in boys. While 80% of all hypospadias are mild and of distal or midpenile, 20% are proximal hypospadias. Severe varieties like scrotal hypospadias form only 5% of total burden of hypospadias. Severe hypospadias such as scrotal hypospadias often have associated chordee (bent penis) and this may be very severe too posing a challenge for the hypospadias surgeon. We have realized in last few years that making the penis straight (chordee correction) is THE MOST IMPORTANT step of hypospadias repair procedure. While most of the severe scrotal hypospadias are also repaired in a single stage (almost 90% are suitable for a single stage urethroplasty), in 10% of the children the anomaly is so severe especially due to severe chordee that two stage repair may be better for an optimal long term outcome. Read More

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From Dhaka, Bangladesh to Navi Mumbai, India: In search for a cure – Story of Adult hypospadias repair surgery

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Mr T.R. said “I did a lot of research on internet before deciding to go to Navi Mumbai India for my hypospadias surgery. The focus and dedication with which Dr. Singal and Dr. Dubey manage patients with hypospadias is good to see. I am very thankful to Dr. Rajkumar also who took personal care for me when I was recovering. Besides, I found the full team of MITR is so helpful and caring that I didn’t feel uncomfortable during my stay. Especially I should have mentioned the name of Mrs. Emily who is an administrator of MITR Hospital, helped me a lot in every single stage with lovely smile. Read More

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What is chordee (bent penis) and why do hypospadias have chordee? How is chordee correction surgery done?

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

It is important for a hypospadias surgeon to make sure that the chordee is completely corrected during hypospadias surgery. It requires experience to do a stepwise assessment of the chordee in every individual case and then proceed with chordee repair as detailed above. The importance of having a straight penis cannot be overemphasized. Read More

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Chennai to Navi Mumbai: A Doctor’s tale of Hypospadias Repair Surgery for her son

Posted on April 6, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

The diagnosis of hypospadias in a newborn baby can cause a lot of anxiety, distress and pain to the mother who has just delivered, the husband who hasn’t slept in days and the family which has keenly waited for 9 months. At this time in first few days of life, if a proper counseling and guidance can be given by an expert, it can make a world of difference. This may not be possible all of the times as surgeons caring for children with hypospadias on a very dedicated basis are far and few in between across India. Most of the pediatric urologists and surgeons are adept in diagnosing, understanding and counseling for hypospadias and hence should be called in neonatal age itself. Read More

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