Good results of hypospadias repair surgery in adults even after previous failed repairs

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Dr. A K Singal

Besides 100,000 kids born in India every year with hypospadias, there are an estimated 5-10 lakh adults living with either unoperated hypospadias or failed hypospadias having complications of Hypospadias surgery. These can be minor issues such as urethral fistula, chordee or suboptimal cosmetic results but a significant number may have major issues such as completely failed hypospadias, urethral diverticulum, hairy urethra, urethra stricture etc. Unable to come to terms with penile deformity, they do not get any hope or assurances from adult urologists or plastic surgeons as this may not be the area of primary interest or dedication for them. Read More

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