Single stage hypospadias repair surgery video for a child with failed hypospadias: Nagpur to Vellore to Navi Mumbai, India

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Like every other surgery, hypospadias surgery has its own risks, complications and failures. Inspite of the best intentions and efforts of the parents and the treating hypospadias surgeon, still the results may be suboptimal after the first surgery. Though at the end of hypospadias surgery in OT it may seem that the surgery has gone very well, sometimes there may be minor complications which necessitate a second surgery for hypospadias in some children. The rate of second surgery for a complication or failure of first hypospadias surgery decrease with the expertise and experience of the hypospadias surgeon but it is never zero and that is an important thing for the parents and families to understand. Read More

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A little boy from Bangladesh takes a little bit of India with him: Successful Distal Penile Hypospadias Repair Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

We are privileged to care for children from across the world who come with their parents to our Hypospadias centre in Navi Mumbai, India looking for the best in Hypospadias surgery and treatment. The love and affection which we give to the kids is a mirror image of the trust and faith which family puts in us. It is the simple rule of medical care and cure. Happy kids= happy parents = good results= happy surgeon who sleeps well. Our nurses and junior doctors almost adopt the kid as one of theirs and then play with the kid during recovery time and we see that with such a personalized care the kids recover after hypospadias surgery in no time. Somebody said it aptly, “When you are happy the time flies very fast”. Hence, if everyone remains happy and in high spirits after a hypospadias surgery, time just disappears. Long journey to India and time spent here seems worthwhile. Read More

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