Letter from Pune: Family thanks Hypospadias Foundation for good results of a single stage urethroplasty for scrotal hypospadias

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Dr. A K Singal

Hello Dr. Singal,

When we came to know our son is suffering from hypospadias, we being parents were
really worried for him. There were several doubts and fears running in and out through our mind. We were very tensed and concerned regarding his hypospadias repair surgery, overall result and further treatment.
We then visited many doctors in Pune but were unhappy and unsatisfied with their answers and process of treatment, until one day while surfing on internet we read about you and the hypospadias foundation run by you. Thumbs up for the great job you are doing by running this foundation and providing complete awareness among parents.
For first time when you examined our son and the manner you explained the entire
process of surgery and treatment, really raised positive hopes in us. Most of our doubts were cleared in the first meeting itself. We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for undertaking our son’s surgery not only in positive way but also making it successful in the first stage. Due to your fair treatment and kind support we were able to cope with our son’s surgery and health. We really want all other parents as well whose children are suffering from hypospadias to undergo Hypospdias treatment at Hypospadias Foundation at MITR Hospital, Navi Mumbai and go back home smiling.

As our son is a hypospadias patient, we want to keep his name and identity confidential. We are ready to share our experience and contact details with the parents whose children are suffering from hypospadias any time offline.

Mr. & Mrs. K,


These letters are priceless to us. As a hypospadias surgeon, I owe it to our team for excellent results and patient happiness. Surgery is often just one of the things which makes successes and miracles happen. It is the larger picture – the dedication, thought process, commitment and most importantly the love which the surgical team can give. I can safely say that beyond the surgeon’s hands and nurses injections there is something else which cures a patient. It is love and faith and it runs both ways. Mr and Mrs K came and saw us three months back and they came with full faith and commitment to get their son better. It is not easy to get a surgery for your young child. It is much more easier to get surgery done for yourself rather than your child. I really wish to express my gratitude to the parents and families who give their little ones in our hands trusting us to do the right thing for their child.

Case summary for Master D.K.

Master D.K. was born with scrotal hypospadias and was advised by the pediatrician to see a pediatric urologist or a pediatric surgeon for Hypospadias repair surgery at 1-2 years of age. After multiple consultations elsewhere, they finally came to see us at MITR Hospital & Hypospadias Foundation in Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai is just 2 hour’s drive from Pune so family thought of taking a second opinion from us.

Examination of Master D.K. confirmed severe scrotal hypospadias with mild chordee. I counseled the family regarding the possibility of a single stage repair. I explained to them that our intent would be to repair the hypospadias in one stage but sometime 5-10% of the kids may need a second surgery if something doesn’t heal well after first surgery. D.K underwent hypospadias repair surgery in October 2014 using an Onlay Island Flap Urethroplasty. He recovered from surgery and anesthesia very fast and was walking around and eating normally the next day. Happy with his recovery from Hypospadias surgery, we discharged him the next day and he went home back to Pune the day after surgery. Dressing was removed after 5 days and urinary catheter a total of ten days after surgery. A follow-up visit after 2 weeks showed hypospadias repair site to be healing well and parents and we were both very happy to see. It is now almost two months after surgery and D.K is doing very well. I hope that he continues doing well though he will need follow-ups at three months, one year then at 5, 10,15 years of age as some minor issues can crop up later in some cases of severe hypospadias.

As of now, it is time to rejoice and I can also breathe a sigh of relief. And to top up the happiness, I got this letter from the parents, which makes all the hard work so much worthwhile. Such letters make my work a pleasure and operation theatre a playground. My best wishes to the family for a happy future for the kid.

About the Author:

Dr A.K.Singal is a renowned Pediatric urologist and one of the best Hypospadias surgeons in India. He is the founder of Hypospadias Foundation based in MITR Hospital, Navi Mumbai and regularly does hypospadias repair surgeries in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.

Dr A.K.Singal

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