From Dhaka, Bangladesh to Navi Mumbai, India: In search for a cure – Story of Adult hypospadias repair surgery

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Mr T.R., now 30 years old, was born in Dhaka city in Bangladesh with a urological anomaly called Hypospadias in which the urinary opening is on the underside of the penis rather than the tip. Hypospadias also leads to a downward curvature of the penis called Chordee. Hypospadias always needs surgery, a specialized procedure called Urethroplasty which is done by trained Pediatric Urologist surgeons in childhood itself. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness and non-availability of Pediatric Urologist doctor in Bangladesh, his parents did not get any surgery done for him. Mr T.R. was a good student and did postgraduate in commerce and got a job with an international bank. He had always thought something was abnormal with his penis and hence started searching for specialist doctor for hypospadias surgery. He found out about Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand and Hypospadias Foundation at MITR Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. He sent his medical records to both the places but after exchanging a few emails with Dr A.K.Singal, Pediatric Urologist who managed Hypospadias Foundation, decided to travel to Navi Mumbai for his treatment. He came to Kharghar in September 2014 and after a few tests for fitness for surgery and anesthesia underwent Urethroplasty surgery under care of a team of two surgeons: Dr A.K.Singal, Pediatric Urologist and Dr Manish Dubey, Adult urologist. This is the same team which started Hypospadias foundation 6 years back. The whole surgery was performed in one stage and took three hours. T.R. also had a significant chordee and chordee correction surgery was done at the same time as hypospadias repair procedure. He was discharged to hotel in 2 days. Mr. T.R. recovered well after surgery and the catheter was removed after 14 days. Initially he had a little difficulty in passing urine but settled over the next few weeks.  He has sent us reports of uroflowmetry from Bangladesh and they show a good urine flow of urine from the tip of penis.

Dr Singal said “Hypospadias is one of the most common birth defect in children but due to stigma attached to penile deformity no one talks about it. About 1 lakhs kids are born in India every year with this problem and ideally they should be operated by 1.5 years of age. There are an estimated 5 lakh adults and failed hypospadias surgery cases who are suffering and unable to get a cure as the surgeries 20 years back did not have such good results as we have now. Dr Manish Dubey and I started Hypospadias Foundation in 2008 as these children and families need lot of counselling and psychological support beyond surgery for full cure. Also the surgery is difficult and complicated, requires lot of patience and skill, and unless the surgeon is focused on taking this complicated issue head on, the results remain suboptimal. At hypospadias Foundation, we provide hypospadias treatment to more than 200 such children and adults every year and they come from all over India and from countries all over the world. Hypospadias Foundation remains world’s first and only organisation dedicated to caring for children and adults with hypospadias.”

Dr Manish Dubey said “We see lot of adult patients with issues from failed and un-operated hypospadias who come with psychological, infertility and urological issues. They don’t even know where to go for treatment and who is the right doctor for them as this is child urological abnormality which was not treated appropriately many years back. Here at Hypospadias Foundation, our team, does dedicated treatment to make sure that they recover on all aspects and become normal again.”

Dr Singal added “Adults take longer time to heal after hypospadias surgery. Coupled with spontaneous erections which occur in certain phases of sleep, it is little painful for initial few weeks. Over all the healing may take upto 2-3 months though one can join back work in 3-4 weeks after adult hypospadias surgery.

Mr T.R. said “I did a lot of research on internet before deciding to go to Navi Mumbai India for my hypospadias surgery. The focus and dedication with which Dr. Singal and Dr. Dubey manage patients with hypospadias is good to see. I am very thankful to Dr. Rajkumar also who took personal care for me when I was recovering. Besides, I found the full team of MITR is so helpful and caring that I didn’t feel uncomfortable during my stay. Especially I should have mentioned the name of Mrs. Emily who is an administrator of MITR Hospital, helped me a lot in every single stage with lovely smile. In terms of my treatment, I found Dr. Singal is very friendly and always listened me with lots of care. His hands on experience and depth of knowledge on this particular field makes him so confident which I liked most. Before my surgery I knew that hypospadias treatment on adult is so complicated thus I was in strain but after meeting Dr. Singal before my surgery made me so relaxed. After my surgery I felt complication while passing urine but Dr. Singal and Dr Dubey immediately managed the situation and solved the problem. Overall, it’s an excellent experience doing my surgery by Dr. Singal. I would strongly recommend Dr. Singal if anyone has been suffering from hypospadias in the adult stage. I would like to congratulate Dr. Singal and his team for doing the outstanding jobs. Wish the team all the very best.”

About Hypospadias Foundation:

Hypospadias Foundation is a part of MITR Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India and registered as a NGO under One Vision Health and Research Foundation. It was started by Dr A.K.Singal and Dr Manish Dubey on 26 Nov, 2008 and has to date treated more than 1000 kids and adults with hypospadias. Patients have come from virtually all states and major cities in India for Hypospadias treatment in Kharghar. Patients have also traveled from countries like Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Greece, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Hypospadias Foundation aims to make sure that no child or adult is said no for surgery because of shortage of money or intent. Also, Hypospadias surgery training programs are planned in near future to train more surgeons to take care of Hypospadias Patients in a just, ethical and compassionate way.

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Dr A.K.Singal

Dr A.K.Singal during Hypospadias surgery

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