A little boy from Bangladesh takes a little bit of India with him: Successful Distal Penile Hypospadias Repair Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Posted on July 10, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

We are privileged to care for children from across the world who come with their parents to our Hypospadias centre in Navi Mumbai, India looking for the best in Hypospadias surgery and treatment. The love and affection which we give to the kids is a mirror image of the trust and faith which family puts in us. It is the simple rule of medical care and cure.

Happy kids= happy parents = good results= happy surgeon who sleeps well. Our nurses and junior doctors almost adopt the kid as one of theirs and then play with the kid during recovery time and we see that with such a personalized care the kids recover after hypospadias surgery in no time.

Somebody said it aptly, “When you are happy the time flies very fast”. Hence, if everyone remains happy and in high spirits after a hypospadias surgery, time just disappears. Long journey to India and time spent here seems worthwhile.

The Email from Dhaka, Bangladesh:

Dear Sir,

Here is our testimony. As you know we are from Dhaka city in Bangladesh and when our son, baby Satyaki Sarkar, was born, he had a problem which the doctors named distal penile hypospadias. So when doctor told us about this problem we were very worried. We didn’t know what to do because we never heard the name of such type of problem. I searched in internet about the problem for best doctor for hypospadias. After searching internet we got the address of Dr. Arbinder Singal, Hypospadias specialist surgeon and Hypospadias Foundation in Navi Mumbai, India. We also watched the video of hypospadias repair surgery which they had uploaded related to surgery about hypospadias of a baby. We also studied the articles of Dr. Singal and others hypospadias surgeons around the world. After that we finally decided to do the hypospadias repair surgery in Navi Mumbai India, at MITR Hospital & Hypospadias foundation. We contacted with the authority of Hypospadias foundation for getting appointment. Ms. Emily Paul and Dr. Rajkumar Gupta arranged appointment for us in a cordial way.

Now it was time for hypospadias surgery. We met with Dr. Singal on 21st March. He appointed us on 23rd March for operation. We were so tensed about Satyaki’s operation. But Dr. Singal and his team were so cooperative that we forgot about all tensions and focused only on Satyaki’s operation. At last, on 23rd March, 2015, the hypospadias operation was done successfully without any problem. After having surgery we stayed in the hospital for one day and the next day they discharged us. After having surgery we felt that we came in the right place because my baby had no surgical pains. He recovered so quickly that we couldn’t imagine. We realized that best results are possible after hypospadias surgery.
We would like to specially mention about the nurses and staffs of hypospadias foundation. They were so cooperative, and cordial. They can manage the babies with hypospadias after surgery in a very caring and professional way.
Now my little boy is completely recovered and doing well without any problem. You may post the picture of my baby and us which you have to us. Because we think that this may help to realize the families that hypospadias problem may be solved through proper surgery. We also think that through our message and picture many families who are suffering from this problem will get new aspirations and hope.
At last we again want to give thanks to Dr. Singal and his team for doing this surgery in an excellent way. We wish success of this foundation in every step of its life.
With best regards

Sanjeev Kumar Sarkar
Father of Satyaki Sarkar
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr A.K.Singal

Satyaki Sarkar after successful hypospadias surgery with his family and Dr Singal

Case Details: Master Satyaki had a coronal hypospadias, a variety of distal penile hypospadias. He did not have any chordee and his urethral plate was good quality. Hence, we elected to perform a TIP (Tubularised Incised Plate urethroplasty, also called Snodgrass repair). The surgery was completed in one hour’s time and Satyaki was allowed feeds two hours after surgery. He recovered well from anesthesia and surgery and was planned for discharge the next day. In the usual course of family living nearby, we could have sent him home the same day also but since the family had travelled all the way from Bangladesh we kept them in hospital for overnight observation and then they shifted to a nearby hotel. Hypospadias dressing and catheter was removed 5 days after surgery and a final examination done 10 days later showed everything to be well healed and Satyaki was passing urine very well from his new opening at the tip of penis. Now at three months after surgery, Satyaki continues to do well and surgical team is delighted with the outcome of surgery.

While most of families may be little concerned about sharing their personal details etc, Mr Sarkar was very gracious and himself offered to share pictures and details to lend authenticity to the story. He felt this will encourage the parents to think positively about hypospadias treatment in their children. Our endeavor at Hypospadias Foundation of providing good personal and surgical care to children stands fulfilled when we get testimonial and review emails like this one.

About Hypospadias Foundation:

Hypospadias Foundation is a centre of excellence for treatment of children and adults having hypospadias. The centre is located within MITR Hospital at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai India and is the best hospital for treatment and care for patients with hypospadias and associated problems including DSD. The team is led by Dr A.K.Singal, a renowned Pediatric urologist surgeon and an excellent hypospadias surgeon. He is supported by Dr Manish Dubey who helped Dr Singal start Hypospadias Foundation and is himself a renowned Urologist. Every year more than 200 kids and adults travel to Navi Mumbai for care and treatment of Hypospadias. If you wish to contact us, you can write to us at hypospadiasfoundationindia@gmail.com or call Dr Rajkumar, Coordinator for Hypospadias Foundation at +919821261448 between 10am-5pm, India time.

You can also click here and fill up the contact form and we will answer your query as soon as possible

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