Hypospadias Foundation starts Clinic in Bahrain

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Dr. A K Singal

Hypospadias Foundation starts Clinic for Hypospadias Treatment & Surgery in Bahrain

Hypospadias surgery is a very delicate, specialised and rare surgery. It requires years of training, very special interest and dedication to get good results from hypospadias surgery. Often the first surgery is the best hope for cure from hypospadias, once there is a failure at first surgery, subsequent surgeries become difficult and results poorer. Hence, it is recommended that hypospadias treatment should be conducted only by trained pediatric urologists and hypospadias surgeons.

At Hypospadias Foundation in India, hundreds of children come from all over the world to seek treatment either for primary or for failed hypospadias. Children from more than 20 countries have benefitted from surgical expertise and caring attitude of team at Hypospadias Foundation located at Navi mumbai, India.

Many these children come from middle east, Gulf/ GCC countries and MENA region to India. While we get more than 50 enquiries a month from countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE (Abu Dhabi/ Dubai), Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria – many of them find it difficult to come to India as some of these children may require multiple surgeries if the hypospadias problem is complex or they have failed surgeries elsewhere.

Sensing this acute gap in quality of hypospadias care, Hypospadias Foundation has started a Pediatric Urology and Hypospadias Clinic offering consultations and surgeries in Bahrain. The centre is located at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital in Manama, a renowned hospital with good facility and excellent reputation for good quality care of children.

The Hypospadias and Pediatric urology centre will offer consultations, diagnosis, pre and post-surgery care, surgery for various Pediatric urology disorders including hypospadias. The centre is run jointly by Dr A.K.Singal, Hypospadias Surgeon & Pediatric Urologist from Mumbai, India and Dr Mahmood Abbas, Senior Pediatric Surgeon trained in France and living in Bahrain.

Dr A.K.Singal is considered as one of the best hypospadias surgeons worldwide. Every year he treats kids from all over the world for primary, severe, complex and failed hypospadias. Dr Singal’s experience in Hypospadias surgery is one of the largest single surgeon hypospadias treatment experience in the world.

Dr Singal said,” Every month we receive enquiries via email from children of parents living in Gulf, Middle East and MENA region for hypospadias. It is indeed cumbersome and expensive for them to travel to India for surgery and treatment of hypospadias. Our association with Ibn Al Nafees hospital, Manama, Bahrain will offer them care and surgeries for hypospadias within a more accessible and familiar location in the beautiful country of Bahrain. The centre will also focus on offering treatment for other child urology conditions such as hydronephrosis, reflux, infections, incontinence, undescended testis (cryptorchidism), megaureter and kidney stones.

Dr Mahmood Abbas added, “Myself and Dr Singal have formed a team to start Hypospadias and Pediatric Urology Clinic at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital to ensure that children with hypospadias and pediatric urological conditions get the best treatment. Even children who have failed earlier hypospadias surgery, can be managed with advanced surgery and novel techniques.”

Here is how to contact Hypospadias and Pediatric Urology Clinic at Ibn al Nafees Hospital, Manama, Bahrain:


Ibn al Nafees Hospital,

Rd No 3302, Manama, Bahrain


Dr Mahmood Abbas

Ibn Al Nafees Hospital

Phone: +973-17828246, 28247, 23209

By Whatsapp: +973-39467333



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