Letter from Australia makes our day and life worthwhile: Infant with scrotal hypospadias gets operated successfully in one stage in India

Posted on June 14, 2015 by Dr. A K Singal

Hypospadias is a common urological anomaly and fortunately most of the hypospadias are distal or midpenile in variety with good results in one stage surgery. Scrotal hypospadias are the most severe forms of hypospadias where the opening in far behind in scrotum, in between the testicles. 6 months back we treated a child with hypospadias who travelled with his family all the way from Australia for a hypospadias repair surgery. But the story actually started as soon as the baby was born. The family had contacted us for an email and telephonic consultation and we were there with them from the neonatal age till the surgery and the care continues electronically even now.

Fortunately, with meticulous pre-surgery planning and good support we could get a good result of the surgery in one stage itself. The child is doing very well now and doesn’t look like that he will need any further hypospadias surgery. The family was overjoyed and they have sent us an email now (6 months after surgery) and we were all very happy to read the email. It made our day and also made the whole purpose of starting Hypospadias Foundation worthwhile.

We have taken the liberty of using most of the email in an unedited format here after seeking due permission from the family.

Hi Dr. Arbinder Singal,

How are you?

Please find below what we truly felt. Also as discussed, we would not prefer either our or or son’s name to be reflected in the recommendation, however please feel free to provide my details to parents who are in a similar situation and need help just like we did when our son was diagnosed with severe hypospadias.

 First News

 It all started on 2nd December when my son was born in Sydney (Australia), it was the happiest moment of my life but I didn’t know that it will last only for the next 24 hours. 

The next morning, as a usual process in Australian Hospitals, Specialists came to check my son and called me. The specialist checked my son and without any emotions or sympathy or even empathy told me that my son is suffering from Hypospadias and that too a severe one and it will take at least 2-3 operations period. My ears were striving hard to hear that after those operations it will be completely cured and everything will be fine but the doctor told me that the Hypospadias is severe and there is no guarantee and gave me an information booklet with scary after operation images. As far as I remember I asked him thrice may be more that whether my son would be alright after those operations? yearning for an answer that “everything will be alright” may be a pat on my shoulder to give me some strength or courage to deal with the situation but he left without saying even a single positive word. 

I could barely walk after that conversation, everything around was meaningless and sad. My wife was still in the hospital recovering from the caesarean operation, I chose not to tell anyone in my family and let them be happy.  I came home that night as you are not allowed to stay in the hospital in Australia. I was not able to sleep that night and the next morning while I was still at home, all my emotions came out, I couldn’t stop the tears and my family came to know about it and tried to give suggestions but that doctor had filled my whole system with so much negativity that I believed that there is no solution and my son will never be cured. After venting out my emotions, I started researching about Hypospadias specialists in the world and I found Dr V.R.Jayanthi and called his clinic in U.S.A but he was not available. I did some more research and found Hypospadias foundation in Navi Mumbai, India. Honestly I didn’t care to read the content on the site  and went directly to the contact us page as I was so desperate to talk to a specialist and got through Dr. A.K. Singal’s clinic and fortunately they helped me to set up an telephonic appointment with him. 

Half an hour Conversation changed everything!

Carrying a huge backlog of negativity, I called up Dr. Arbinder Singal. The conversation started with a lot of questions and Dr. Arbinder Singal listened to all my questions and concerns patiently and irrespective how silly the questions were, he answered to every question in detail. Honestly that conversation changed my life and in particularly one sentence from him – “THERE IS NO HYPOSPADIAS WHICH CANNOT BE CURED”. He guided me to contact a pediatric endocrinologist right away and explained in detail on how to proceed with the next steps. I recorded that conversation and told my wife about the news because now I had the solution – Dr. Arbinder Singal!

A Close shave

I am really thankful to Dr. Arbinder Singal for recommending a pediatric endocrinologist at that point. I want to again emphasize here that everyone apart from Dr. Arbinder Singal missed an important step in the journey – Meeting a Pediatric Endocrinologist.  

As per the paediatric endocrinologist – Dr. Andrew Biggin (he is still my son’s paediatrician and has agreed to mention his name) there were some injections which needed to be given to my son before a certain age which we would have definitely missed as no other Doctor asked us to meet a paediatric endocrinologist.  We communicated a lot with Dr. Arbinder Singal updating him about the progress and again asking questions to which he patiently responded every time. He also helped us to get in touch with the other parents whose children had undergone hypospadias repair surgery under his care which helped a lot as they explained us how they went through the treatment and journey. We are really thankful to those parents as well as every time we had an emotional breakdown or we felt nervous they acted as a big emotional support and had long conversations calming us down. Finally Dr. Arbinder Singal helped us decide a date and hospital for hypospadias operation.

The Surgery..

We travelled to India for surgery and we arranged a villa near Fortis Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and went to meet Dr. Arbinder Singal for the first time in Mumbai. After our meeting the comfort level and confidence increased multi-fold, he was very nice to speak with and inculcated the same confidence in us. He checked my son and said he will try to do it in one operation itself. We had already booked a room in Fortis and admitted my son for the surgery. We met him again before the hypospadias operation, we were nervous but we were calm as we knew that our son was in safe hands. All the hospital staff was very helpful on the operation day and Dr. Arbinder Singal gave us the good news that the operation is successful and my son would not need another surgery.

Highly Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend Dr. Arbinder Singal as he is an hypospadias expert and good human being. He is reachable and understands the emotions & nervousness which the parents go through. All the more the issue which all the doctors in Australia could solve only by doing multiple hypospadias surgeries, he did that in one go with a single stage hypospadias repair.

I and my family are and would be really thankful to him for forever.

Thanks Dr. Arbinder Singal & Hypospadias Foundation!!


A happy kid and his family

Sydney, Australia


About Hypospadias Foundation and Dr A.K.Singal

Hypospadias Foundation is an organisation dedicated to care & cure for patients children and adults suffering from Hypospadias and DSD (disorders of sex development). It is located within a boutique Urology centre – MITR Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India (www.mitrhospital.com ). Hypospadias Foundation was started in 2009 by Dr A.K.Singal and Dr Manish Dubey and till date more than 800 children and adults have been treated at the Foundation from all over India and more than 20 countries (june 2015). The foundation keeps on growing with blessings from families and support from society.

Dr A.K.Singal

Dr A.K.Singal is a renowned pediatric urologist surgeon and a top hypospadias specialist practicing in Mumbai, India. He is an expert in management of children and adults with hypospadias and is a strong force behind community and medical education for hypospadias. Every year he does more than 200 surgeries for hypospadias and conducts research for hypospadias. For his deep passion and excellent results in hypospadias, Dr Singal is counted as one of the best hypospadias surgeon’s in the world.

Hypospadias Foundation can be reached at hypospadiasfoundationindia@gmail.com or you can call Dr Rajkumar (Coordinator) at +919821261448

Or you can fill up this contact form: Contact Hypospadias Foundation

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