4-year-old Pakistani boy with rare urological condition recovers after surgery in Vashi hospital, Times of India, Jan 15, 2015

NAVI MUMBAI: For four years PawankumarSawlani and his wife Reeta, residents of Sindh in Pakistan, worried about their son Ramesh. Born with a condition called posterior urethral valves which leads to a block in the urethra, he had developed swelling in both his kidneys and suffered from urinary infections. A Vashi doctor gave him new lease of life on Monday, when he underwent an endoscopic surgery at MGM hospital. The condition, doctors say, occurs in one out of 5,000 people. Initially, Ramesh was treated in Lahore where he underwent an endoscopic surgery when he was just nine months old. The condition did not improve, so he underwent a second surgery in Karachi when he was two-and-a-half-years-old. "He still had difficulty urinating and his kidneys continued to swell," said his father. The doctors at Karachi decided to give him an artificial bladder which would make him dependent on a catheter throughout his life.

After searching online, Ramesh's parents came across Dr A K Singal, pediatric urologist, MGM Hospital, Vashi, who felt that an augmentation surgery could be avoided. "An x-ray revealed that the block was still there. In the presence of valves, the child would not have benefitted from augmentation surgery. His condition would have worsened," said Dr Singal. Ramesh underwent an endoscopic surgery on Monday using pediatric cystoscope and the block was removed. "He will need another cystoscopy to confirm that the area has healed well. Other than that, he is perfect," added Dr Singal.

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