7-month-old Nerul boy youngest to undergo laparoscopic kidney operation, Times of India, Jun 26, 2014

NAVI MUMBAI: A seven-month-old baby from Nerul, Samarth Badhane, became the youngest in the country to undergo laparoscopic surgery, doctors said. Samarth went under the knife to treat a dangerous swelling that blocks the urine flow at the junction of the urethra and the kidney. "The condition, Ureteropelvic Junction (UPJ) obstruction, was recently successfully operated upon with the use of laparoscopy. We decided against making an incision in the abdomen. He is one of the youngest in the country to undergo a laparoscopic pyeloplasty," said pediatric urologist, Dr A K Singal. He, along with with another urologist Dr Manish Dubey, performed the surgery at MITR hospital in Kharghar.

Traditionally, pyeloplasty is done via an incision on the abdomen near the kidney. The blockage in the junction is removed. A new junction is reconstructed, which allows urine to flow from the kidney. "Open pyeloplasty is a complicated kidney surgery that requires fine suture placement," added Dr Singal. Pyeloplasty is now done laparscopically in children and only a handful of centres in India perform this operation. In younger children, the space inside the abdomen is little, said a doctor, and it is difficult to maneuver equipment. Earlier, doctors said, these surgeries left scars on patients but now with improvement in technology, the scars are minute and fade quickly. They can even be discharged within two days of the surgery. "Every year, we do more than 30 laparoscopic pyeloplasties in children and now we have done more than 100 laparoscopic kidney surgeries in children," said Singal. It was discovered, before birth, that Samarth had a blockage during an ultrasound. This condition, in the unborn child, is called Antenatal Hydronephrosis. The gynecologist DrSuchetaKinjawadekar from Nerul referred the mother to Singal for antenatal counseling. The early diagnosis has now helped Samarth make a complete recovery. "Awareness needs to be raised among gynecologists, public and pediatricians that we must ensure at least two ultrasounds after birth even if the swelling is mild," said Singal.

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