Cutting edge technology saves baby HT Lives November 18, 2007

Cutting-edge technology saves baby

Cystoscopy performed on the new-born; block in urinary tract removed

G. Mohiuddin Jeddy, Nerul/ Vashi

The birth of a child is awaited with much excitement and joy in any family. ForNerul residents, the Chattarajs, however, the excitement was laced with anxiety. An ultrasound test had revealed a problem with the foetus.All that is history now, thanks to the cutting-edge technology available in the city that ensured surgery on the baby within 36 hours of its birth. The Chattarajs are currently busy celebrating the arrival of Ayush, their second child, and thanking the doctor who made it possible.

It had all been going well for Arup, 40, and Barnali Chattarajs, 30, who were expecting their second child after Neha (7). Recalling the trauma, Arup, a marine engineer said, "In the eighth month of pregnancy Barnali underwent a routine ultrasound test. The test revealed that the baby had swelling of both kidneys and urinary bladder. I was told that there was some block in the urinary passage. It was a shock but I did not tell my wife initially since I did not want her to worry."

 Since the foetus was developing well otherwise, the pregnancy was continued under the guidance of Dr. Neena Dhar. gynaecologist, who monitored the progress closely the baby was born on November 1 and was immediately seen by Dr S. Jagtap a paediatrician who referred the child to Dr. Arbinder. K. Singal, Paediatric Surgeon and Paediatric Urologist at MGM Hospital in Vashi.

Dr. Singal performed a special test called MCU when the baby was a few hours old and it clearly showed a block in the urinary passage, a disorder called 'Posterior Urethral Valve'. The baby was transferred to the MGM Hospital at Vashi and underwent cystoscopy the very next day within 36 hours of being born.

Explains Dr Singal, "Cystoscopy means checking of the urinary passage with the help of a small telescope. There are no incisions or stitch marks, after this procedure and the recovery is extremely fast. The valve was ablated with the help of a special instrument and the block was taken care of."

Claimed Dr. Singal, "This is one of the youngest babies to undergo cystoscopy in Navi Mumbai. We have a extremely good and miniature cystoscope with which we have been performing surgeries in new born babies. The youngest which we have done was a 1.5 kg, premature baby whose obstruction was relieved cystoscopically."

AddedSingal. "This case highlights the availability of cutting edge medical care in our city. The excellent team effort between gynaecologist, radiologist, paediatric urologist, paediatric nephrologist and paediatrician in managing such complicated cases has also come to the fore."

Informs Dr. Singal, "Till some years ago, such small scopes suitable for cystoscopy in newborn babies were not available. Most of these babies underwent series of open surgeries to relieve their obstructions till they were about 1-2 years old. With the advent of good instruments, awareness and trained surgeons this kind of advanced procedures have become possible. Also with the availability of good quality ultrasound for pregnant mothers, more and more abnormalities are picked up at an early stage."

Meanwhile, the Chattaraj's are overwhelmed. "Dr. Singal is like God for me. Right from the time he saw Ayush after he was born, Dr. Singal counselled me and gave me the confidence that I was lacking. He assured me that everything would be fine. It helped me get over the fear for my child and support my wife as well." concludes Arup.

Workshop in January on Paediatric Urology

To enhance the awareness about Paediatric Urology, a new medical speciality, an international live operative workshop on the subject in Navi Mumbai is being organised. This workshop will be held on Janaury 12 and 13 at MGM Hospital. Children with complicated urological problems would be operated by international experts and it will enhance awareness about these disorders. Paediatric surgeons and urologists from all over the country have confirmed their participation in this workshop.

What are Posterior Urethral Valves?

`Posterior urethral valves' are one of the common causes of urinary obstruction in male babies. Their effects can be devastating as the kidneys forced to make urine under high pressure, in turn, sustaining tremendous damage. In the United States, some of the critical babies undergo surgery while still in the mother's uterus if the kidneys are getting damaged fast. And even then not all the babies have normal kidney functions.

The happy couple poses with Ayush, their second child, hours after the surgery. They expressed their gratitude to the doctor and the hospital.

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