Doctors remove baby apple sized ovary cyst, Times of India Jun 24, 2013

MUMBAI: Fifteen days before delivery, MeenaBadwe (31) was informed by her radiologist that her unborn child had developed an ovarian cyst (sacs filled with fluid). To make matters worse for theAiroli couple, the cyst in the abdomen of Meena's baby was a huge one-at 9cm by 8cm, it was bigger than an apple. While the mother did not suffer any discomfort because of the cyst, the foetus was gaining weight rapidly. Doctors ruled out non-surgical treatment because of the size of the cyst and asked the Badwes to wait till the delivery. Three days after Meena gave birth to a girl at a private nursing home in Navi Mumbai, the child was admitted to MGM Hospital in Vashi's Sector 3, where the cyst was removed laparoscopically.
Dr AK Singal, chief paediatric surgeon at MGM Hospital, said, "The cyst had caused enlargement of the baby's belly. It was so huge that it was occupying almost the entire stomach. We decompressed the cyst by sucking out the fluid and traced its origin. It had arisen from the left ovary and attached itself to the uterus and the fallopian tube. Only a small portion of the ovary was left as rest of the ovary had converted into the cyst." Once the cyst was removed, the child started feeding normally within a few hours. "She is doing fine now," said Rajesh, the baby's father. A senior paediatric surgeon from one of the public hospitals said that a 9-cm cyst in an unborn child was uncommon. "The incidence of cysts in newborns is around one in more than 2,500 deliveries," said the doctor, adding that most of the cysts resolve on their own.

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