Kharghar hospital cures Bangladeshi patient of a rare congenital defect, Times of India, January 23, 2015

Mr. T.Rahman, 30 years old man, was born with a urological anomaly called Hypospadias in which the urinary opening is on the underside of the penis rather than the tip. Hypospadias also leads to a downward curvature of the penis called Chordee. Hypospadias always needs surgery, a specialized procedure called Urethroplasty which is done by trained Pediatric Urologist surgeons in childhood itself. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness and non-availability of Pediatric Urologist doctor in Bangladesh, Mr Rahman’s parents did not get any surgery done for him. Mr Rahman was a good student and did postgraduate in commerce and got a job with an international bank. He had always thought something was abnormal with his penis and hence started searching for specialist doctor for hypospadias surgery. He found out about Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand and Hypospadias Foundation at MITR Hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. He sent his medical records to both the places but after exchanging a few emails with Dr A.K.Singal, Pediatric Urologist who managed Hypospadias Foundation, decided to travel to Navi Mumbai for his treatment. He came to Kharghar on 17th and after a few tests on 18th underwent Urethroplasty surgery under care of a team of two surgeons:Dr A.K.Singal, Pediatric Urologist and Dr Manish Dubey, Adult urologist. This is the same team which started Hypospadias foundation 6 years back. The whole surgery was performed in one stage and took three hours. Mr Rahman is well on his way to recovery and getting discharged from hospital today. There is a urinary catheter which has been placed till healing is complete and will be removed after 10 more days. After going back to Bangladesh, Mr Rahman canfollowup on email with Dr Singal.

Dr Singal said “Hypospadias is one of the most common birth defect in children but due to stigma attached to penile deformity no one talks about it. About 1 lakhs kids are born in India every year with this problem and ideally they should be operated by 1.5 years of age. There are an estimated 5 lakh adults and failed hypospadias surgery cases who are suffering and unable to get a cure as the surgeries 20 years back did not have such good results as we have now. Dr Manish Dubey and I started Hypospadias Foundation in 2008 as these children and families need lot of counselling and psychological support beyond surgery for full cure. Also the surgery is difficult and complicated, requires lot of patience and skill, and unless the surgeon is focused on taking this complicated issue headon, the results remain suboptimal. At hypospadias Foundation, we operate more than 200 such children and adults every year and they come from all over India and now neighboring countries as far as Middle east. Hypospadias Foundation remains world’s first and only organisation dedicated to caring for children and adults with hypospadias.”

Dr Manish Dubey said “We see lot of adult patients with issues from failed and un-operated hypospadias who come with psychological, infertility and urological issues. They don’t even know where to go for treatment and who is the right doctorfor them as this is child urological abnormality which was not treated appropriately many years back. Here at Hypospadias Foundation, our team, does dedicated treatment to make sure that they recover on all aspects and become normal again.”

About Hypospadias Foundation:

Hypospadias Foundation is a part of MITR Hospital in Kharghar and registered as a NGO under One Vision Health and Research Foundation. It was started by Dr A.K.Singal and Dr Manish Dubey on 26 Nov, 2008 and has to date treated more than 800 kids and adults with hypospadias. Patients have come from virtually all states and major cities in India for Hypospadias treatment in Kharghar. Patients have also traveled from countries like Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Greece, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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