Special clinic for kids with disorder of sex development starts in Kharghar

DSD and intersex clinic india

1/2500 children are born with anomalies or defects which lead to abnormal differentiation of reproductive organs- these are known as children with atypical genitalia, intersex or Disorders of sex development. The defect which causes these disorders can be at the level of chromosomes or hormones. Chromosomes are the basic building blocks of life and exist in 23 pairs or 46 pieces. While male has 46XY built up of chromosome a female has a 46XX chromosome make up.The presence of Y chromosome leads to development of testes which liberate hormones finally leading to development of internal and external male organs. Thus, chromosomes and genes on them dictate the organ development and hormone production which finally leads to a either a clear male or a female differentiation.

When there is either a defect in the chromosome or the pairing is incorrect or there is mutation in the genes, it can lead to improper, incomplete or wrong set of characteristics to appear in a child. This can manifest as the child having neither fully male nor fully female genitals. In earlier times, parents & societies would not accept these children and they were taken away by eunuch societies and labelled as third gender. In the present scientific age, it is possible to give these children a proper diagnosis, treatment and assign them a meaningful gender. This gender assignment is done on the basis of their organ development, long term results and chances of fertility.

Mitr hospital, Kharghar is the first centre in western India to set up a dedicated clinic for such children. As scientifically these disorders are known as Disorders of Sex Development, the clinic is called DSD Clinic. The team consists of Dr Arbinder Singal, Pediatric Urologist surgeon and DrSmitaKoppikar, Pediatric Endocrinologist. The clinic is being inaugurated on 22nd Nov by organising a seminar for the pediatricians of Navi Mumbai by the specialist doctors. Dr Arbinder Singal said " Every year we see more than 200 kids with genital organ defects specially boys,  a condition called hypospadias and have been running a foundation called Hypospadias Foundation for last 7 years. We have children who travelled from virtually all states in India and from more than 10 countries to get surgery done here in Kharghar.Some of these children have severe anomalies which are diagnosed as DSD and require special hormonal tests and treatment. By giving them right scientific treatment, we hope to reduce the social stigma, give them good quality of life and help them achieve their rightful place in society as a productive citizen”

Dr. Smita Koppikar added," After my training in UK, I developed a special interest in managing the children with DSD. We had a DSD clinic for babies with genital defects and I was wondering if we could replicate some of the things here. With DSD clinic now becoming a reality here, I am happy that children in western india can look forwards to special care and treatment.”

Dr. Subash Rao, Senior pediatrician and President of Navi Mumbai IAP, said while inaugurating the DSD clinic," It is commendable that such a super specialty clinic has been started in Navi Mumbai. It will benefit children from all over Western India.”

Services at DSD Clinic:

  • Diagnosis and counseling 
  • Hormonal treatments
  • Gender assignment surgery 
  • Transition care to adulthood with a teamwork of gynecologist and Urologist

Children who need DSD clinic work up:

  • Ambiguous genitalia
  • Birth defects of reproductive organs
  • Small or large genitals
  • Delayed puberty
  • Undescended testis


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