Mr M.H., Herat

I really appreciate Dr. A. K Singal and whole MITR team with professional communication and cooperation and your friendly environment. The operation was done in a very professional way and successfully with no issue. Then I realized that I took a really right decision and found the right hypospadias doctor. It was amazing that in the same day my baby did not have any pain and discharged from the hospital but I requested to remain for some more days for betterment of the child.

We (me and my wife) have very good memories from the Hypospadias Foundation and MITR Hospital especially from Dr A.K.Singal and now we know why he is a renowned Pediatric urologist and one of the best Hypospadias surgeons in India. The staff of Hypospadias Foundation based in MITR Hospital is good and the nurses were really outstanding. I thank them too. My little angel is doing very well after surgery with no issue and we overcome those all tensions and worries which we had in the past. Thank you Dr. Singal.

Sanjeev Kumar Sarkar

We met with Dr. Singal on 21st March, 2015 and he operated on our son on 23rd March for hypospadias. We were so tensed about Satyaki's operation. But Dr. Singal and his team were so cooperative that we forgot about all tensions and focused only on Satyaki's operation. After having surgery we stayed in the hospital for one day and the next day they discharged us. After having surgery we felt that we came in the right place because my baby had no surgical pains. He recovered so quickly that we couldn't imagine. We realized that best results are possible after hypospadias surgery. We would like to specially mention about the nurses and staffs of hypospadias foundation. They were so cooperative, and cordial. They can manage the babies with hypospadias after surgery in a very caring and professional way.

Now my little boy is completely recovered and doing well without any problem. You may post the picture of my baby and us which you have to us. Because we think that this may help to realize the families that hypospadias problem may be solved through proper surgery. We also think that through our message and picture many families who are suffering from this problem will get new aspirations and hope.

Mr & Mrs Jain

Our son's hypospadias condition was picked up immediately at birth by our neonatologist. Needless to say, that we were devastated, as we realized that our little bundle of joy was already lined up for surgeries in the coming years. We consulted many urologists however; when we met up with Dr. Arbinder Singal at MITR hospital all our fears were allayed. Many doctors had suggested two stage surgeries, we were assured by Dr. Singal that though our son had one of the severe kinds (scrotal hypospadias with chordee); he would be just fine after a single stage surgery.

He is quite a diligent urologist as he patiently explained to us our son's condition, the procedure that our son required and what exactly would Dr. Singal be doing in the long 4 hr procedure. For us the most comforting factor was that Dr. Singal is not only a pedatric urologist but also a meticulous surgeon who is an expert in this domain. Once completely convinced, we admitted our son in the morning of the surgery at MITR hospital. I must say that the facility is well equipped to handle such cases. The resident doctors, nursing staff, orderlies are very cordial, helpful and attentive to the needs of the patients as well as the anxious parents. The post- operative care that has been given to our son is commendable as they have patiently attended to all alarms and issues of the kid. We highly recommend Dr. Singal and MITR for urology related issues especially hypospadias surgery.

Mr T.R.

I did a lot of research on internet before deciding to go to Navi Mumbai India for my hypospadias surgery. The focus and dedication with which Dr. Singal and Dr. Dubey manage patients with hypospadias is good to see. I am very thankful to Dr. Rajkumar also who took personal care for me when I was recovering. Besides, I found the full team of MITR is so helpful and caring that I didn't feel uncomfortable during my stay.

Especially I should have mentioned the name of Mrs. Emily who is an administrator of MITR Hospital, helped me a lot in every single stage with lovely smile. In terms of my treatment, I found Dr. Singal is very friendly and always listened me with lots of care. His hands on experience and depth of knowledge on this particular field makes him so confident which I liked most. Before my surgery I knew that hypospadias treatment on adult is so complicated thus I was in strain but after meeting Dr. Singal before my surgery made me so relaxed. After my surgery I felt complication while passing urine but Dr. Singal and Dr Dubey immediately managed the situation and solved the problem. Overall, it's an excellent experience doing my surgery by Dr. Singal. I would strongly recommend Dr. Singal if anyone has been suffering from hypospadias in the adult stage. I would like to congratulate Dr. Singal and his team for doing the outstanding jobs. Wish the team all the very best."

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