Welcome to Hypospadias foundation

Hypospadias Foundation is the World’s First and India’s only organisation dedicated to caring for children and adults suffering from Hypospadias. Established in November 2008 and as of date till Dec 2014, the team at Hypospadias Foundation has provided compassionate care and cure for more than 1000 children and adults with hypospadias and Disorders of Sex Development (DSD).

Hypospadias remains the most common congenital urological malformation affecting one out of every 150 newborn male babies. Almost 1 lakh children are born in India every year with hypospadias and an estimated 5 lakh adults are living with hypospadias. Some of these have a failed hypospadias surgery in childhood while others haven’t been able to reach a Hypospadias Specialist in time. Same statistics are true for other countries across the world too.

Caring for children and adults with hypospadias requires a lot of commitment from the family as well as the health care team managing these children. Hypospadias foundation was started by Dr A.K.Singal - Pediatric Urologist & Hypospadias Specialist and Dr Manish Dubey (Adult urologist) to disseminate thorough & credible information and to provide personalized medical care to children and adults suffering from Hypospadias and Disorders of Sex Development (DSD- erstwhile called Intersex Disorders). At Hypospadias foundation, care includes help in medical, psychosocial and financial aspects. In the last two decades, the management for babies with Hypospadias & DSD has been refined and outcomes have improved tremendously. Currently, most of the children even with severe complex hypospadias also receive single stage urethroplasty repair and less than 10% need second surgery.

A lot of research has gone towards elaborating the etiology and pathogenesis of Hypospadias & DSD, and recent focus has been on the role of environmental pollution and its role in interfering with male sexual organ differentiation. We just finished a large scale study in finding out the community incidence of hypospadias in India as the first leg of our clinical research. Dr A.K.Singal was invited to present the results of the same at European Congress of Pediatric Urology in April 2013 at Genoa, Italy.

Our team of Expert Hypospadias surgeons and specialists has the goals to reach out in the community by increasing awareness and also contribute to research and education in the field of Hypospadiology


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